Sunday, December 12, 2010

Vegan Mayonnaise


I had originally made this several months back but a computer crash happened before I had a chance to post about it.

As Batgirl said in her post back in June about the Vegan Mayonanaise on page 573 this is very easy to make. Short of the silken tofu possibly, everything else most folks will have on hand already!

It just uses a few ingredients & it's easy to tweak it to satisfy your tastebuds & make various flavors.

As Batgirl said it takes under 5 minutes to make! I used it on my Black Bean Burgers & can't wait to use it on other things!


Black Bean Burgers

Black Bean Burger2

Since it had been a while since I made something in the book I decided to make the Black Bean Burgers on page 120. This is very easy to make, I hadn't checked my spices very well so missed that I didn't have thyme but for me the flavors were great that it wasn't missed. Not that I have that talent to pull out flavors by trying something unless it's an obvious flavor.

The recipe makes 4 but I doubled it so that I could have some just about all week & not have to stop & make it again.

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