Saturday, February 20, 2010

Apple "Waldorf" Loaf - Guest Post by Mindy

Apple Waldorf Loaf

For my second guest spot, I once again chose something in a loaf form. Having just posted that I inevitably fail at loaves, this seems like a bad choice at first, BUT I received my brand new range on Monday, with my first ever convection oven setting! What better way to check out the supposed greatness of convection than to put my loaf ability to the test.

The Apple "Waldorf" Loaf (page 405) is easy to put together with standard pantry ingredients. It comes together quickly and bakes in about an hour. I subbed pecans for the walnuts and used golden raisins. I also had to use brown sugar as I was out of white. This is a tasty, moist, wonderful loaf, and yes, it even baked well for me! It was very exciting to cut in half to check and see if I had the standard dense area at the bottom, how my loaves usually turn out. There was a little bit, but nothing like I am used to. I call this a great success and will enjoy being a new loaf convert.

- Mindy, Guest Blogger


  1. Congrats on your new stove! Welcome to the world beyond muffin-sized baked goods. :p

  2. Ha! I was confused for a second -- I thought it was a savory loaf (it's not, right?). :-)

  3. Nooo, it's a sweet breakfast loaf. :)

  4. Please ignore my previous comment, I'm new to the blog and didn't realize we're talking about one book. Sounds yummy.


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