Sunday, April 4, 2010

Golden Veggie Burgers

Golden Veggie Burgers

Since becoming Vegan I'm trying not to rely on processed "convenience" foods because I do find that making them is more convenient and though vegan still has ingredients to keep them shelf stable.

One of the items that I've learned is pretty easy to make are veggie burgers. There are a variety of recipes out there and I'm trying as many as possible to find my favorite. The Golden Veggie Burgers on page 121 definitely will make the list! This is very easy to put together and you can either bake or fry them depending on your preference.

For most people the ingredients will be on hand already and what helps this "bind" is the Vital Wheat Gluten which can be found in most grocery stores near the flour or easily ordered online.

The burger was very good and will be made again. The only change I would make would be to double the recipe :).



  1. I really liked this recipe as well. They are very easy to make and tasty!

  2. How is it that vital wheat gluten is such a common ingredient in the US, yet in the UK it is NOWHERE?! I'm missing out on so many wonderful recipes!


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