Sunday, July 4, 2010

Cherry Berry Watermelon Salad

Cherry Berry Watermelon Salad

First of all, to my American friends: Happy 4th of July! I hope everyone is having a lovely day full of cruelty-free celebrations.

I attended a family BBQ last night, and I brought festive Cherry Berry Watermelon Salad {page 98} to share with everyone. With the patriotic red and blue, this salad is just begging to be all dolled up for a celebration. In the absence of a melon baller, the more creative side of my brain took over, and I realized this was a perfect opportunity to take a mini star cookie cutter to my watermelon. While it was a bit of work, it was definitely worth the appreciative ooohs and ahhhhs that special touch brought.

The salad is simple in its construction, and takes advantage of fresh summer fruit in its prime. The dressing is light, consisting mainly of orange juice, and serves to brighten and compliment the already amazing flavors mingling in this salad. Pitting that number of cherries can be somewhat daunting if you don't have a cherry pitter, but the ever-helpful Ninjahusband figured out that a thin pair of kitchen sheers {or a chopstick} will work in a pinch.

This was a fabulous salad for a cookout on a hot summer night. I would encourage you to whip this up next time you need something colorful and delicious to compliment your veggie burgers and corn on the grill.

-- Your Friendly Neighborhood Batgirl


  1. Very very cute, Love the stars.
    I've never actually owned a cherry pitter. I just usually cut them in half, but I can see how these are much more aesthetic.

  2. the stars! The stars are so cute! I love shape cutters :D i often find myself eating a salad of stars and hearts - hehe very nice.

  3. That looks so cute and so delish!!
    Blessings, Debra
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