Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Quinoa Summer Squash Pilaf

Yes, my camera is dead. Yes, this was taken with my phone. No, I'm not exactly proud of that. I suppose this is my punishment for taking such a long hiatus. :)

So with the best of intentions, I attempted to make the Quinoa Summer Squash Pilaf (p279). Intentions I say, because thanks to a minor bug problem that I'm sure no one wants to read about on a food blog, I found my quinoa to be infested and therefore unusable. Well the onions were already sauteing, the squash was already diced, and with the oppressive humidity I was in no mood for creativity. Apparently these bugs don't like couscous because that was fine, so this dish became a couscous pilaf.

As I am prone to do, I found it a bit bland for my taste so I added some garlic powder, and after separating Grandma V's portion, some red pepper flakes. It's still too mild for me, because I like a big ole spicy party in my mouth, but this is a simple dish to put together on a weeknight, made bright and fresh by the appearance of summer vegetables. And let's be honest, fresh basil makes anything more lively and delicious! There's really no "secret" to this one, it's great for the beginning cook and a palette of potential for the more advanced.

I'll make it again--this time with bug-less quinoa--so as to have the full experience, but will likely add fresh garlic near the end. That would really finish it off. I can also see this being a good dish for a picnic or some other outdoor dining adventure, as it would be fine chilled or at room temp, and there's nothing in there requiring refrigeration.

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