Friday, January 29, 2010

Chocolate and Walnut Farfalle

I grew up eating noodles tossed with ground nuts and sugar. It might sound weird if you didn’t grow up in Eastern Europe, but pasta + sweet is a delightful concoction the rest of the world is truly missing out on. So I felt compelled to bring your attention to it by cooking up a batch of Chocolate and Walnut Farfalle (page 480).

The farfalle of choice were whole wheat, which added a little extra flavor and nutrition. And because I tossed the nuts into the food processor with the chocolate chips right after roasting, the chips melted. And then melted more when they met hot pasta. This was a great development.

Roasting the walnuts makes all the difference. The smoky nuttiness of the walnuts, paired with the sweetness of the melted chocolate, all on top of the chewy bite of the pasta makes for one fine eating experience. I’ve had plenty of noodles with nuts, but toasting those nuts well and adding melty chocolate is a delectable, welcome twist on an old classic.

- - Ulpia, the nuttiest! - -


  1. How interesting! I never would have thought to put chocolate on my pasta. I'm going to have to try this one out soon.

  2. Definitely dessert.

  3. I'm just not sure I can do this one...

  4. i'm really torn on this recipe. i want to try it but i'm scared!

  5. Wow, that looks gorgeous! I've never heard of such a thing either, but I'm excited to try it now. With pecans instead of walnuts for me.

  6. That looks amazing. Would have never thought to combine those ingredients.


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