Tuesday, January 12, 2010

EBAP (Everything But Animal Products) Pizza

EBAP (Everything but animal products) Pizza

Pizza. Who doesn't like pizza? What's there not to like when you can customise it to however you want?

I stopped buying pre-made pizza crust over a year ago due to cost and ingredients. The good stuff from health food stores is expensive and the cheap stuff has questionable ingredients. Homemade pizza dough is easy and cheap and without any of the questionable stuff. Even though I have my own tried and true recipe for crust, I decide to make the EBAP (Everything But Animal Products) Pizza (page 130) using the Basic Pizza Dough (page 128).

The basic dough is similar to most doughs out there so I won't get into it too much except to say that you can add herbs and spices to it as well. I like to add in few dashes of garlic powder to my dough.

The pizza itself is really just a blueprint. Robin says in the header notes that it's an "anything goes" pizza but I decided to go with two of her suggested toppings — sauteed red peppers and onions — and then sprinkled some nutritional yeast on top.

Aside from the rising time needed for the dough, everything came together quickly and produced a nice crispy pizza for lunch. If you like crispy crusts but don't want to mess with pizza stones or tiles, then do get a perforated pizza pan. They're inexpensive and your crust will bake up nice and evenly crispy on the bottom.

If you're still using store-bought pizza crust or dough, stop. Homemade is so much better for you and for your wallet.

— Ms. Veganorama


  1. Amazing things you have in here. I've been snooping for 30 minutes. Glad I happened in. When you have a little time, come to my blog. I'd be honored to see you there as a friend and or follower. I am now your loyal follower! Keri (a.k.a. Sam) www.samwich365.com

  2. Of course, Ms. Veganorama has to drop a gadget reference in there. I expect nothing less! :P

  3. I love pizza! It's always fun to make and there are so many choices of toppings. People always look at me strangely when I order a pizza with no cheese. Anyways, your pizza looks good!

  4. muddyfootsteps: thanks!

    Cassie: Oh Cassie! You know how I love kitchen gadgets and I know how much you don't like single purpose gadgets! :p


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