Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mushroom Goulash


I let my boyfriend pick out a recipe for me to make for dinner. He picked Mushroom Goulash. He is not vegan and a very picky eater. Fortunately we share a love of mushrooms. The list of ingredients seemed a bit odd to me- portobello mushrooms and sauerkraut? But I was game to try it.

This recipe was very easy to throw together. However I accidentally put too much salt in. To counteract the salt I added a little sugar. The sauce was a little sweet before The Great Salt Disaster so I figured sugar might restore some of that sweetness. Luckily I was right and didn't further screw up dinner. I also added more sour cream because, well, it's sour cream. Do I really need a reason?

I served the pasta over vegetable fettucine because I think it is pretty. It was still a little salty, especially the first night. However, it was still good and both of us enjoyed it even more for lunch the next day. I definitely would make this again though next time I would not add as much salt and I would put in more portobellos.


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  1. What page was this one on? I might make it tonight, I have some shrooms to get rid of.


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