Sunday, January 3, 2010

German-style Kool-sla

My grandmother had just finished chopping up some cabbage with the intention of producing a salad when I strolled into the kitchen—I stopped her immediately. Now that the hardest part was done, I wanted to make something with it myself. I wasn't sure what, but shredded cabbage had to appear somewhere among 1,000 recipes. Enter the German-style Kool-sla (page 73).

What a delightful mix of sweet and sour! I had no idea cabbage tasted so fine with sugar. Instead of grapeseed oil I used sunflower, my grandmother's favorite and apparently a Romanian staple. It was fabulous and everyone enjoyed it (everyone being parents + g-ma + aunt). Raw cabbage never tasted this delicious!

- - Ulpia suddenly has a hankering for some kool-sla - -


  1. How nice to have helpers! Tell all your guests that they have to stick around while you blow through another 50 recipes or so. ;-)

  2. You're making me crave coleslaw again, darnit!

  3. That looks fabulous. That cabbage was perfectly chopped. I think I need your g-ma to come and teach me how to chop cabbage, mine never looks like that.

  4. Oooo I just got a huge cabbage from the farmer's market and my cookbook just arrived, so I'm soooo gonna make this!!



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