Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hot Cocoa

Maybe you don't really need a recipe for Hot Cocoa (page 540), but having only ever made it from a pre-made mix before (gasp!), I appreciated having ratios to follow. This—this creamy, rich goodness is unattainable from a mix, my friends. It is simply beyond a mix's capabilities to match such delectable liquid comfort. I raise my mug to it! Indeed, I tip back my mug to it—and with it. And then it's gone.

All right, okay, you're right—making hot cocoa was mainly an excuse to show off my 1-of-only-50-ever-made color-changing Venture Brothers mug. My VB enthusiasm knows no bounds. But come, a more fitting receptacle for such a warm delight there never was!

- - Ulpia, girl adventurer - -


  1. Your adorable nerdiness astounds me repeatedly.

    Don't feel bad, I've only ever made hot cocoa from a mix too. Maybe it's time to change that. Looks yum!

  2. I've only ever made hot cocoa from a mix, too! Yes, definitely time for a change.

  3. Oh, yeah, I used vanilla soymilk since I figured it would be a sweeter, thicker option than the almond milk I had -- plus almond milk can have an invasive taste.

    I also just realized, after trying Westsoy's faaantastic peppermint chocolate drink, this would be awesome with some mint extract.

  4. oh god now I am craving a huuuge mug of hot cocoa and one (or two...) chocolate chip cookies.


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