Monday, December 21, 2009

Whipped Cream vs. Cashew Crème

I enjoy a good show-down, especially if it involves foods I get to sample. So I whipped up some crèmes and got to tasting.

Cashew Crème (page 501), pictured above:
  • thicker in consistency
  • cashews! nothing says creamy like those there nuts
  • rich cashew taste with enough of a life of its own to be positively delightful eaten as-is like a pudding

Whipped Cream (page 501):
  • smooth but a little on the thin side; even potentially runny (this can be affected by the type of tofu used; if more tofu is used than the recipe suggests, it gets a much better consistency and a milder taste, which, as is, is a punch of sweetness—so eyeball and adjust and taste, taste, taste)
  • fairly tasty, but a tad too sweet with a bit of an aftertaste

Verdict: Cashew please.

If you're looking for a creamy dessert topping, the Cashew Crème is the way to go; while the taste of the whipped is fair to good, the consistency isn't there; it's too runny and not at all thick, maybe some cornstarch is in order: or maybe just make the cashew crème—it is in all respects heavenly.

What others thought? Well, the Cashew Crème was heartily approved previously by five guests. The Whipped was tried by my mother and her mother, just as a quick spoonful; they liked the taste, but in no way more than the cashew. Either way, it's too runny to function as a whipped topping unless you adjust the ratios. It could do well on a fruit salad, though, or a bowlful of granola, or poured over pancakes or French toast or waffles as a sauce. Or over anything as a sauce.

Anyway I still like the cashews more. Om nom nom.

- - Ulpia, where there's a whip—PTSCH!—there's a way - -

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  1. Oh, I TOTALLY agree with you! The Cashew Creme ROCKS!

    Having said that, I found that the Whipped Cream was better the next day as it was really cold and quite tasty. I think it is more like a pouring cream rather than a whipped cream. (It's funny, I just blogged about these also!).

    I'm going to serve the Cashew Creme to some omni's for Christmas Lunch. I'm just not sure what with! I think it is funny that I have chosen the creme but not what dessert to have with it!! I'm working on that part!



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