Monday, December 21, 2009

Hula Cookies

I recently organized an event for the German department at my university and decided to bake some cookies to take. Because, I mean, you know. The season and all. (No, well, it was just a good excuse to bake; I'm ever on the look-out for those.) The Hula Cookies (page 435) had one grad student complimenting me repeatedly between cookie after cookie. I sent some to a friend in Chicago, too, who enjoyed them just as much as I did while I was tasting for quality—a good chef has to taste first, right? Don't want to serve a dud. Multiple tastes ensures the first delectable piece wasn't an outlier. This is all pour l'art du baking, non?

Basically, they're thumbprint cookies with a tropical jam of your choice; all I could find was strawberry-mango, which resulted in a great tangy touch with each buttery bite. I chose them in particular for this because among the delightful panoply that is German wintertime baked goodies, there's a certain jam-filled kind I though could be suggested with these cookies.

Each is a pure little piece of homemade goodness; a cheerful little note from simpler times.

- - Ulpia, makes life so sweet – pour a little sugar on it! - -


  1. those look so cute and delicious. I made cookies like these when I was working in a kitchen in france, so happy to see I can now make a vegan version!

  2. Okay, is it just me, or would these totally work on some "spooky" Halloween buffet table? :-)

  3. Totally! Maybe even better with some blueberry or blackberry jam and little red veins drawn on the dough so it looks like a veiny eye.


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