Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Jerk-Spiced Red Bean Chili

Jerk-Spiced Red Bean Chili

As I discussed on my personal blog recently, I really hate chili. It usually has all the wrong flavor, too many random vegetables, and the list goes on. However, upon reading the ingredient list for Jerk-Spiced Red Bean Chili {page 251}, to my surprise it actually sounded...edible. Even good! And since the Ninjahusband is generally jonesing for chili {and I generally fail at satisfying that particularly jonesing}, I thought it was only fair to put this chili on the menu this week, being that it actually sounded like something I might eat.

And now I must, Batgirl, The Chili Hater...liked this chili. It was spicy and sweet from the BBQ sauce and just had a wonderful flavor and texture. I swapped out the seitan in favor of Boca crumbles {seitan + soup = hatred}, and aside from accidentally putting twice as much cayenne in as was specified, that was the only change that was made.

Because of the cayenne mistake, it was too spicy for me to eat more than a small bowl, and there was no way that the Supertoddler was going to eat it, but the Ninjahusband loved it and took it to work with him to share with his coworkers with more spice-adjusted tongues than mine.

I liked it enough that I'm considering putting it back on the menu for next week -- sans double dose of cayenne.

-- Your Friendly Neighborhood Batgirl


  1. I have recently bought this book and i can't stop cooking out of it!!!!
    My kids and I have enjoyed everything we have made! I'm in love!
    Tonight I made Basic Polenta with Spicy Tomato Ragu (and the homemade marinara) as well as the Apple tart with Walnut crust and the Cashew Creme. Oh-My-Goodness! So so so very good! I'm going to follow you to see what you guys are cooking. My blog has been taken over by this book and its recipes!

  2. Ohhh this one caught my eye to make also :)


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