Sunday, December 20, 2009

Mexican Fideo Soup with Pinto Beans

Mexican Fideo Soup with Pinto Beans

I had purchased the missing items for the Mexican Fideo Soup with Pinto Beans on page 159 but The Divine Miss V beat me to making it.

I do agree with her assessment on the flavor. The spices need to be upped if having right away. I'll see how sitting overnight changes the flavor.

Otherwise the soup is edible with the suggested flavoring you just may need to add something.

I did have Fideo so did use that. I also cooked the onions in a separate pot for saving time and I didn't see any special reason for using the same pot. I would have an extra dish to wash regardless.

When I make this again I'm going to check and see if there are any hotter chilies (the recipe suggests hot or mild) and see if that changes the flavor.

ETA 12/21--I tried to soup today and as The Divine Miss V said the flavors meld together better with the suggested measurements once allowed to sit.


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  1. I love mexican soups, this kind of reminds me a little bit of tortilla soup, looks great.


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