Tuesday, December 8, 2009

"Sour Cream" Coffee Cake

"Sour Cream" Pound Cake

I DID IT! I WIN! I found THE BEST RECIPE in the entire book!

Okay, it's not a contest, but if it were and if it were based on the best one I'VE made and TO DATE, the "Sour Cream" Coffee Cake (p449) wins. I am neither creative nor eloquent enough to describe to you how absolutely fantastically orgasmically delicious this cake is. See that lovely little river of something running through the middle of the cake? That's walnuts and cinnamon and sugar. So simple, yet such an utterly wonderful combination. This cake is perfectly stunning, "good enough for company," great for potlucks and office parties, and nice to keep at home--just like we did. Grandma V could be happy eating spoonfuls of sugar so I knew she'd like it. The surprise came from Mr. V who doesn't have much of a sweet tooth, yet I returned to the kitchen to find him devouring Piece #2, and then the next morning a noticeably smaller cake with the following note: "This is INSANE! Best cake ever! I took two pieces to work."

Other than adding a tad extra cinnamon and the dusting of powdered sugar, I followed this recipe to a T. And so should you. Because you should make it. For yourself, for family, for friends, for loved ones. Hell, make it for total strangers and find your new best friend!

--The Divine Miss V


  1. FINE, I'll buy the book. And make that cake and eat the whole thing. Geez.

    Also, I love that it is bundt shaped- my favorite shape for cake!

  2. Lovely and fantastic. Must find recipe in book.

  3. (1) YES to anything bundt-shaped.

    (2) Your write-up was pure gold.

    (3) Gold. With a dusting of powdered sugar.

    (4) Agh you're cute! <3 Also I love grits.

  4. You know I don't really like sweets but there are a few exceptions and you have already made two of them (coffee cake and pound cake). Looks fantastic!


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