Thursday, December 3, 2009

Lemon Glazed Baby Carrots with Cranberries

Lemon Glazed Baby Carrots with Cranberries

Like many dishes in the book, Lemon Glazed Baby Carrots with Cranberries (p360) is so simple you'll smack your forehead and ask "Now why didn't I think of that?" Well, because you didn't. And neither did I. It is another of those seemingly too-easy-to-need-a-recipe recipes, but its complexity is found within its inherent simplicity. Now go ponder that for a while.

When you return, take a few minutes to put this beautiful side dish on your table, especially if you celebrate any of the upcoming holidays for which you need something that doesn't require a lot of time or skill, but still needs to "look pretty." Oh yeah, and taste good. Which it does. I'm not one for lemon in savory foods, and I'm also not one for very sweet dishes during a meal. But these babies--heh--balance my likes and dislikes perfectly. I could not taste the lemon, but it provided enough acidity for a (non-sticky) glaze for the carrots. The dried cranberries plump up nicely and add just the right bit of tart.

In sum, this is a festive and lovely dish that will add a burst of color and some sparkle to your table. It was well received among the vegans and omnis to whom I served it, and it's certainly "good enough for company" without taking up too much of your time, and makes for an impressive presentation.

--The Divine Miss V

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