Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Apple Lover's Cake

Apple Lover's Cake

Pardon the horrid phone pic.

I followed all directions as written for the Apple Lover's Cake (p451). At first I thought this cake might be a fail as it appeared very dry and didn't look like "cake batter." Sometimes you have to trust the recipe and let it ride. And sometimes it works.

This not-too-sweet apple treat turned out more coffee cakey than I initially thought it would be. Even without a crumbly topping, this cake developed something similar as it baked. This is a quick recipe to put together, and great for new or hesitant bakers as well as a fun kid project. You only need two bowls, and younger kids may need help with the apple peeling and shredding, but it's super simple to bring everything together.

Make sure to follow recipe instructions and use an 8x8 pan. Anything larger or rectangular would make for a too-flat cake. Also, if you like things a bit more moist, I would suggest using a bit more confectioner's sugar and apple juice for the glaze, and watch that baking time closely.

Overall, this is a simple and delicious small cake that would go great with coffee or tea, or with ice cream. The apple flavor is subtle and could certainly be punched up with more applesauce. A little cinnamon might be a nice addition as well.

--The Divine Miss V


  1. Oh thanks for the tips! I am such a sucky baker that I probably would have thrown in more liquid resulting in a complete epic fail like most of my baked items.

  2. I almost added more liquid. It just didn't "look" right. But the only thing to add would be more applesauce--that's the most liquid-y component (other than the oil, which you definitely wouldn't want to increase). I suppose a dash of soymilk wouldn't hurt though.

    But if you just go with the recipe, don't overmix and don't overcook, it will turn out fine.


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