Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Corn Muffins

(in dinosaur shapes, courtesy of my awesome muffin/cakelett pan)

Instead of getting sleep like normal people, I decided to dig through this treasure trove of a book late last night. Imagine my delight upon discovering the Corn Muffins (page 408). If cornmeal's involved, I'm there! So the very next morning, they were in the oven. My only sub was using almond milk instead of soymilk, since I already had some open that needed using.

Dinosaur shapes make everything better, but these didn't even need the dinos – they are roaringly delicious all on their own. They've got that wonderful cornmeal taste so familiar from my Transylvanian childhood. They're very mildly sweet, as well, since I added the sugar so I'd have some stand-alone muffins. I know some of us here can't tolerate the idea of sweet cornbread-things, so the sugar could also be left out. Crunchy on the outside and tender on the inside, the crumbly cornbread texture is everything you'd want and more. Plus, the dinosaur shapes offers more delectable crunch surface area, especially if you oil all those little horn and tail crannies well. In fact, I so love the idea of convenient hold-it-in-your-hand cornbread that I think I'll stick to the dinosaur shapes from now on. These would, as the recipe header suggests, be great to serve alongside chili or some other stew.

Or sop 'em in some thick and creamy porcini gravy like we make in the Old Country

Bonus: these smell agonizingly yummy as they bake.

- - Ulpia - -


  1. "I know some of us here can't tolerate the idea of sweet cornbread-things"

    Reeeeallly? I can't imagine who! :p

    Cornbread is always good, and cornbread dinosaurs are even better! I'm anxious to try her recipe (sans the sweet of course). Your texture description sounds like something I'd like, as I'm a bit picky about the texture as well.

  2. xD Heehee, well, I halved the recipe and used only 1 Tbs sugar, so it's barely noticeable. I was so excited about the crumbly cornbread texture that I kind of ate them all up, since me and cornmeal roll like that.

  3. Oh, also, not sure if the almond milk changed anything, but they were fab, so if it did, then for the better. The soymilk I have might be slightly sweeter.


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