Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Jerk-Spiced Soy Jerky

Jerk-spiced soy jerky7

For my first recipe I made the Jerk-Spiced Soy Jerky (page 8) since I had all the ingredients and took minimal time. The cooking is the longest part of it.

Jerky was one of my favorite snacks so I was happy to come across this recipe. The recipe is very simple to put together it's the cooking that takes forever!

Being my lazy self I decided to cook it overnight. So it was nice to wake up to the smell of the cooked jerky.

When I make it again I do not see changing a thing! The spice balance was perfect for me!



  1. Oh jerky! I keep meaning to make my own one day. I'll have to try this too.

  2. Oh wow, I haven't even come across this recipe yet! Love jerk seasoning too.

    And pretty plate!

  3. Oh man! *goes to bookmark that* Thank goodness for you guys, I also hadn't noticed that.


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