Thursday, October 22, 2009

Some-Kinda-Nut Burgers

I've found my favorite recipe so far. I made the Some-Kinda-Nut Burgers (page 120). They're some-kinda-gone, because they were all-kindsa-awesome. I'm kinda in awe of them right now, so suffice to say that these will be in my dreams for weeks to come.

I skipped the whole bun affair, the recipe header suggesting that they'd do well served cutlet-style too. I used canola oil instead of olive, almonds instead of mixed nuts, and fresh parsley. As the patties sizzled away in my beloved cast iron skillet, my kitchen was filled with a mouth-watering smell that continues to linger long after they've all gone.

I wasn't sure what to expect, having never made any outright cutlets before. Upon taking my first bite, I nearly fainted, Southern-Belle-style. These are a million times better than any patty/cutlet I've ever had, and I'm all about going on vegan food safaris. The nutty flavor, the rich sweetness of the peanut butter mingled with the savoriness of the onion and carrot and fresh parsley – this is definitely my kinda burger!

Honestly, I was going to make a side and a chutney, but then I tasted them... and I decided there was no side and chutney in the world that could keep me from these a moment longer.

They're also marked “f” for “fast” – so make them. Make them now, thank me later. In fact, make extra and send me some.

- - Ulpia - -


  1. They were heaaavennnnlyyyy~!

  2. I find myself wanting to make all the stuff you all have aleady made.

  3. Oh man, I really want these now. I think you're right, the Supertoddler would totally love these.

  4. Those look really good. I can hardly wait to get this cookbook! You guys should be on the marketing payroll :)


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