Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sloppy Bulgur Sandwiches [as lettuce rolls]

I wanted to try the Sloppy Bulgur Sandwiches (page 109) recipe, but since I had neither buns nor the desire for sandwiches, I decided to do something else entirely – roll them up in red-leaf lettuce leaves. What resulted were magnificent, cool little packets filled with warm deliciousness.

The filling is fantastic. It's sweet and tangy and flavorful, improving as it simmers. The tender bulgur absorbs all of these flavors wonderfully and does wonders for the texture as well. The filling would do very well as a warm salad or side, too. Or served with some big, crisp lettuce leaves as a fun do-it-yourself appetizer for company. Simple and delightful.

My modifications were using diced tomatoes instead of crushed for more chunk-age, white onion instead of red, tamari instead of soy sauce, and a good sprinkling of cayenne pepper instead of the chili powder, just enough for flavor. (And I used ground yellow mustard powder since that was what I had. It worked out well.)

I'll definitely be making this again and playing around with it.

- - Ulpia - -


  1. I had that one bookmarked too! Glad to hear it's good and putting it in wraps is a great idea.

  2. It's fab! I bet this would be nice as a savory crepe filling as well. (It's kind of crepes-everything with me, but... ~ in the Old Country, there's a lot of filled-crepes eating.)

  3. Yay bulgur! I like the idea of using diced tomatoes in this one.


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