Friday, October 23, 2009

Three Sisters Stuffed Squash

I've always been attracted to the festive elegance of stuffed stuff. Especially if that stuffed stuff was some manner of squash. So I decided today was the day I stuffed some stuff myself. It wasn't hard to pick out the Three Sisters Stuffed Squash (page 346) – corn's involvement was practically calling my name. (The three sisters in question are squash, corn, and beans, the main food supply of the Iroquois.)

My only modifications were using white onion instead of yellow and red kidney beans instead of pinto; my squash of choice was acorn, but, as it's small, there would've been enough filling left over for another little acorn. I just enjoyed it while waiting for the rest to bake.

Ample salt is what teases out all the wonderful flavor, bringing out the sweetness of the corn and allowing it to mingle wonderfully with the light bite of the chile and the steady comfort of the beans. And baking it makes it that much better.

Verdict? The stuff inside is great, baked squash is always great, and the whole thing together makes for some superb stuffed stuff! A flavorful autumnal dish that would be perfect for company during the harvest time festivities.

- - Ulpia, lover of stuff - -


  1. It's a stuffing bonanza on the blog! Do you think it would be good with a sauce? Or is it saucy enough on its own? I'm always worried about stuffed stuff being dry.

  2. I felt it was just right, the squash was moist and the beans retained enough moisture inside. It might be because the recipe has you make a mini-steam bath for it, adding a cup of hot water to the baking dish and covering it tightly with foil. I heard the water bubbling inside as it baked, and it didn't all evaporate.

    But the right sauce could probably make it that much better!

  3. Two autumnal posts in a row. :)

    You know, I really never do anything stuffed. I think I will add this and Batgirl's pumpkin to my list.


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