Saturday, October 24, 2009

Miso-Tahini Sauce

I had some sugar snap peas that needed eating, so I roasted them up and threw together the Miso-Tahini Sauce (page 554). This beauty of a sauce is so full of creamy character that it can turn your vegetables of choice into something truly stellar. You may just find yourself spooning it into your mouth before it's done cooking. I have to note, though, that such an assertive sauce is best paired with a milder vegetable (or rice & beans; or baked tofu; or tempeh). The snap peas have too much of a, well, snap. I found myself hurrying to finish them off so I could fully turn my attention to the sauce. Yes, on its own.

That said, the delightful tartness of the miso and the rich creaminess of the tahini ensure this simple sauce is something I will be whipping up again. But over some in-its-place asparagus, or quiet-wall-flower zucchini, maybe even some shy 'shrooms or some bashful broccoli. But them snap peas 're too darned rowdy.

- - Ulpia, devoted sauce-slurper - -


  1. I'm sure I will go nuts for this sauce as it combines too of my favorite things in the world.
    How come I didn't think to invent it, I don't know :p



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