Friday, October 23, 2009

Sweet Potato Pancakes

sweet potato pancakes 004

I wasn't going to cook tonight, but I couldn't resist making these Sweet Potato Pancakes (page 378).

These were exciting for me to make because I got to use the shredding blade of my food processor for the first time. Oh the speed and joy of shredding sweet potatoes and onion with the shredder blade! The sweet potato is mixed with another one of my favorites-peanut butter.

I was skeptical about the amount of peanut butter-it didn't seem like enough to hold the batter together but surprisingly it did. The first few came out messy and misshapen but then I got the hang of molding them and the rest came together nicely. The recipe said it would make four servings-I made eight pancakes and saved the rest of the batter for tomorrow. I served them with Tofutti sour supreme and a little parsley for garnish.

These were yummy-the sweet potato and onion are nicely blended with the peanut butter and seasonings. My omni boyfriend also liked them-he ate more than me. He was even convinced to try sour supreme by how delicious mine looked with it.



  1. Oh those look great! I have a ton of sweet potatoes from the csa that I need to use up. I think I'll use some of them on this.

  2. Those look amazing. Anything sweet-potato draws me like a magnet. (And so agreed about the shredding blade, I love that thing!)

  3. yay! looks like i have a new recipe in which to sacrifice my sweet potatoes to the deity of deliciousness.


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