Sunday, October 25, 2009

Smoky Chipolte-Pinto Hummus

Smoky Chipolte-Pinto Hummus

I LOVE Hummus! Even as an Omni I loved it.

Most people know it made with Chickpeas aka Garbanzo Beans but you can truly make it with any type of bean and the flavors are truly endless! If you use canned beans and simple ingredients then you can have it made in 5 minutes max. Longer comes into play if you're getting fancier or are using dry beans.

The basic hummus I make with chickpeas I vary the actual ingredients but it can easily become a rut! So I decided to try the Smoky Chipolte-Pinto Hummus on page 11 and it is YUMMY!

If you're not a spicy person it may not be for you or you can leave out the Chipolte, I'm sure it'll still be good but not the same :).

This is very easy to make and ingredients can be found easily in supermarkets. You'll have to check the International or Mexican aisles for the Chipolte Peppers but everything else is easy to find and you might already have them on hand!



  1. Gymmie, that looks so smooth and creamy and yummy!

  2. Thanks!

    It came out very well!

  3. hurrah for homemade hummus. nice job!

  4. Looks d-lish! As you know, this was on my menu plan for the week before I saw your post. I'm still making it!! :) Repeat or no repeat, this just has too much goodness to pass up.


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