Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Rustic Cottage Pie

Rustic Cottage Pie

Tonight's entree was Rustic Cottage Pie (p316). This hearty casserole utilizes both the Basic Simmered Seitan (p305), which I used in the Chile-Lime Tortilla Soup and the Mushroom Sauce (p546) Ms. Veganaroma noted in a previous post.

I wouldn't necessarily say this is a quick weeknight meal, unless you have the seitan ready to go (as in, thawed homemade or store bought). It's not complicated by any means, but it does include a few components. Manage your time well, better than I, and it could come together in a reasonable weeknight amount of time. While the potatoes are cooking, you can prepare the Mushroom Sauce and chop and saute the necessary veggies.

My modifications were as follows: five medium size white potatoes instead of Yukon Golds; left the skins on; baby bellas instead of white mushrooms (they are the ONLY mushroom I will put near my mouth); canned corn instead of frozen, as I am currently out of my freezer staple of Trader Joe's Roasted Corn, and my grandmother had a can ready for the borrow; used about 1/4c more Mushroom Sauce than called for.

My grandmother was very satisfied with this dish. It's hearty and homey, and something most grandmothers would love. Mr. V scarfed up a full plate almost before I could bat an eyelash. He said it very much reminded him of the Shepherd's Pies the British chefs would make for the British crew back in his working-on-cruise-ships days. Apparently this is a good thing. Having never tried Shepherd's Pie, I'll take his word for it. What I have tried is the Rustic Cottage Pie and can add my positive vote to its hearty deliciousness. Great cool weather comfort food.

--The Divine Miss V


  1. Yum! It looks fantastically comforting. *bookmarks recipe*

  2. This is one of the first recipes I want to make when my book arrives. I loved Shepard's Pie.


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