Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pear Fritters with Caramel Sauce

The very first thing I beeline for is the Caramel Sauce (page 498). And this sweet, sweet nectar did not disappoint. It languidly drips down your stirring spoon, tempting the weary stirrer to taste. Oh, just another taste. A last. Single. One.

And you will be weary. It's incredibly simple to put together, but it takes some stirring over low heat to get it to thicken and reduce enough. But what you are rewarded with is a translucent, golden-brown nectar of the gods.

And what better role could it serve than to be drizzled over some Pear Fritters (page 483). All right, the recipe is actually Banana Fritters, but seeing as, shame of shames, I was out of those, I used the recipe's suggested variation and went with some ripe Bartlett pears. A good choice, I figured, since caramel and pears make one delicious duo.

I had them for brunch (though they're technically in the dessert section). Ladies, gentlemen – these may be the tastiest brunch items I've had in a very long time, maybe even—ever! And I don't say that lightly, for I kneel at the altar of brunch foods. The slight crispiness on the outside, the warm and gooey cinnamony pear inside; smothered in caramel—yes please!

Using pears is a fantastic move; trust me. Warm pears taste divine, especially if cinnamon's invited to the party. I can't imagine they'd taste better with bananas, but I stand ready to be disproved. More anytime!

By the way, I didn't peel the pears; that, my friends, would be a pure waste. It would cheat you out of an eighth of a fritter!

- - Ulpia - -


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