Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Chinese "Chicken" Salad

Chinese "Chicken" Salad

I don't tend to make salads at home. I find them time consuming, and the return on investment low, but Chinese "Chicken" Salad {page 83} may become a frequent exception.

The dressing had a great peanutty flavor that combined well with the crunchy vegetables. I can see adding additional vegetables and nuts next time, to provide more variance of flavor and color. I looked hard for Asian-marinated tofu, but couldn't find anything along those lines, so I used Honey Sesame Baked Tofu {read the package -- no actual honey in it! Go figure!} and it paired really nicely with the Asian flavors.

It was a very nice salad, and when eating a good-sized portion of it with some bread it could easily be a full meal. I will definitely make this {and variations of this} often.

-- Your Friendly Neighborhood Batgirl

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  1. I had marked that page and can't wait to try it myself!


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