Monday, November 23, 2009

Pumpkin Cheezcake with Cranberry Drizzle

pasta and cheesecake 011

I love pumpkin and I love cheesecake so I couldn't resist making the Pumpkin Cheezcake with Cranberry Drizzle page 454. I have been planning on making a pumpkin cheesecake ever since I tried a piece at a local health food store. I had planned on using another recipe but decided to try this one. And boy, I'm glad I did!

This was a first for me: I made my own crust. I had to add a little extra Earth Balance to the quarter cup the recipe called for, I'd say maybe an extra tablespoon. I also greased the sides of the pan to help the graham cracker mix stick. The filling was easy to make and I tasted some before putting it into the oven. It was delicious just like that. I had to wait what seemed like forever to try the finished product though-an hour cooling on the counter then four hours in the fridge. Well it was getting late and I couldn't wait any longer so after three hours I whipped up the cranberry topping and tasted my yummy cheesecake. The cranberry is the perfect topping-a little bit tart to balance out all that sweetness.

Here is the cheesecake fresh out of the fridge without the cranberry:

pasta and cheesecake 005

I am probably going to have to make up extra cranberry drizzle because I don't think the recipe makes enough for the whole cake. I promised the boyfriend I would save him a piece for when he comes home. It's a good thing it's a three day or I might not be able to keep that promise! This will be the perfect dessert for Thanksgiving.



  1. Ooh, that looks delicious! I can't believe I didn't even see this recipe!

  2. that looks delicious, very creative :)



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