Friday, November 20, 2009

Kale and Sweet Potatoes

Kale and Sweet Potatoes

Simple but delicious, Kale and Sweet Potatoes {page 371} would make a delightful addition to just about any meal.

It was extremely simple to put together, and required few ingredients. It was healthy and hearty and a treat to eat. I mean really, who doesn't like sweet potatoes? This is one of those "don't really need a recipe for it" kind of recipes, but that being said, I've never thought to put sweet potatoes and kale together before, so I appreciate the recipe's presence in the book.

The Supertoddler went cookoo bananas over it. He was convinced the sweet potato was his beloved pumpkin, and after a while I just gave up correcting him. Hey, if your toddler wants to devour mass quantities of brightly-colored vegetables, you freaking let him!

Sweet potatoes are extremely serious business, business which apparently can only be conducted while wearing three different hats {!?}:

Oliver w/ Green Bean Casserole and Kale & Sweet Potatoes

I can definitely see myself making this again and again, especially when I need a vegetable side dish for dinner but just can't decide what. This recipe is definitely a winner!

-- Your Friendly Neighborhood Batgirl


  1. Best. combination. EVER.

    Haha love all the hats :-D

  2. "I mean really, who doesn't like sweet potatoes?'

    Hi! *waves*

    But three hats totally makes up for icky sweet potatoes.


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