Monday, November 16, 2009

Spicy Black Bean Orzo Soup

Spicy Black Bean Orzo Soup

The recipe for Spicy Black Bean Orzo Soup (p160) was full of promise. It had four things I love just in the title alone, especially spicy and soup. My interest was also piqued by the addition of sun-dried tomatoes, which pair so well with black beans.

Overall, it was very good. A little different for a black bean soup in that you puree this one, and the orzo goes in the bottom of the serving bowl and is then topped with the soup. Our carb portions are likely way off anyway, but I didn't have nearly enough orzo to go with the amount of soup I had. Next time I would double the 1/2c called for in the recipe. I would also (of course) double or triple the jalapeno as I didn't really get any spicy notes. Mixing in a little Tabasco Chipotle perked this soup right up and closed the flavor loop.

This one wasn't served to Grandma V as I assumed it would be too spicy for her. Mr. V's initial comment was "It's good, it's just really mellow for the time it took to make it." I would make again, but with the addition of more jalapenos, more orzo, and more sun-dried tomatoes. Geez, I'm becoming a stereotype of myself.

--The Divine Miss V

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