Saturday, November 21, 2009

Seitan and Potato Torta

Seitan and Potato Torta

I've never had a torta before, but anything layered with potatoes is good by me. Seitan and Potato Torta {page 315} was just such a dish.

In my limited knowledge, tortas are supposed to be round, correct? Unfortunately for me, I was lacking in round baking receptacles, so I had to use the 9x13" option Robin offered. The prep work of slicing all the potatoes took a little time, but it wasn't nearly so bad as I'd figured it might be. I had to use 2 tomatoes instead of just one, as one tomato barely covered half of the bottom of the pan. Once all the prep work was complete, however, the Supertoddler and I had a lot of fun layering ingredients, making this a really awesome recipe to make with your kids. He especially loved brushing the olive oil onto the layers of potatoes, and sprinkling with salt and pepper.

The top of my torta didn't brown much, even after 20 uncovered minutes in the oven, but the finished product was still delicious. The flavors are subtle, but definitely there, and overall it's a very satisfying and comforting dish. Ninjahusband was kind of ambivalent about it, but I chalk that up to present work stress {he works from home on Saturday nights}. The Supertoddler LOVED it, and devoured a large adult-sized serving.

This recipe has opened my mind to the world of tortas. Since dinner, visions of all the different types of tortas I could make have been dancing through my head. Oh the possibilities -- the possibilities!

-- Your Friendly Neighborhood Batgirl


  1. The Supertoddler's so cute! <3 And that sounds yummy, really can't go wrong with potatoes.

  2. Looks great! Which seitan recipe did you use?


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