Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Chocolate-Avocado Fudge


While my dinner was in the oven tonight, I made myself a batch of the Chocolate-Avocado Fudge, page 441. Yes, you read that right-avocado. Sounds weird? Well maybe but it tastes delicious. I probably would have found it odd too but one of my favorite desserts is raw chocolate pudding made with avocado. Avocados are rich and creamy and an excellent base for desserts.

This recipe is easy-peasy-just melt chocolate them process with avocado and sugar. Refrigerate for three hours. (I cheated and cut a piece after two hours-it was fine.)Since I am following the recipes as closely as possible, I added chopped walnuts though I am not a huge fan of them except in oatmeal.

My omni boyfriend was excited to try this one too-he likes my chocolate pudding. I only hope some is left come Friday when he returns. It is super rich and I bet if you gave it to an omni they would never guess it was vegan or that it's creaminess comes from avocado.


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  1. ooh, i'm definitely making this soon! i have avocado ripening on the counter!



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